Are You Still Avoiding More Than 750 Million Potential Consumers?

The Social Media industry continues to grow – do you?

Since it has been a while since the last Blog about social media, and we all know that it is rapidly changing, this week’s post will be dedicated to the newest tools, technologies and updates from some of our favorite social sites including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Small business owners, these tools and tips are meant to help you grow your business and your online presence. What better (or least expensive) way to maintain contact, build relationships and increase retention. If you are not already part of the social media world…you are missing out!

As most of you probably know, the Social Giant out there is Facebook. They have made many changes in recent weeks to help businesses maximize their presence on this platform. Since Facebook recently announced more than 750 million ACTIVE users worldwide, it is worth jumping on this bandwagon.

If you are new to Facebook you may not remember the various versions that pre-dated this current platform, however, the look is much cleaner and organized. They have done away with all of the various tabs and now keep posts all on the user’s wall and allow for this information to be presented through news feeds. Other changes which should positively affect small business owners are the addition of iFrame apps and mobile check-in capabilities. For more on Facebook changes visit:

Are you using Twitter? For many companies with a professional product or service one of the fastest ways to establish yourself as an expert is through the sharing of quality news content relevant to your industry. Sharing this type of information can help brand you and your business as a resource. Twitter is a great way to quickly and efficiently get that news out there, while consistently increasing your followers (and potential new consumers.)

No time to effectively send tweets throughout the day? Not a problem! There are tools to help you schedule tweets, create content, set up searches for new content or competitors tweets, and even measure your progress within the platform. (For more information about products that will help you do this you can visit Social Media Examiner . Once you have much of the process automated, you will see how easy it is to add interesting news and other content, while watching your fan base grow.

Already a master at Facebook and Twitter, you might want to start expanding your reach. If you would like to develop more professional relationships with others in your industry, network online and gain access to professional articles, studies and discussions try getting LinkedIn. Unlike Facebook, this platform was created around people’s business interactions. Users publish information about their career experience and areas of expertise and make mutually beneficial connections.

LinkedIn recently added an option for “following” business pages which allows your customers and colleagues to keep tabs on your posts (and you can keep track of them too). They also have many great tools for easy start-up including the Outlook Social Connector, which provides a direct way to build your network from frequent contacts, manage your LinkedIn contacts in Outlook and stay connected to your network.

Lastly, if you want maximum visibility take a look at YouTube for posting video and clips of interviews, expert advice and even digital how-to guides. This platform can be easily integrated into most of the other social media outlets and also aids in the optimization of your website. For more information about other growing social sites read this Mashable article

Please post your successes with social media here. We’d love to hear what is working for other small business owners.

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